Skischule Balla Zauchensee
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Quenstions & Answers

Question 1: Languages

We Austrians speak beside local dialects also standard German, English, some Dutch, French and Italien. And if there are communication problems we solve them with lots of austrian charm and body language.

Question 2: Payment

You find our office 1.350 m above sea level in an old, rebuilt hay barn. No telephone cable has made it till there. So - cash only please. But no problem, you find a cashpoint just near the Ski-School office.

Question 3: Deposit

When you book private lessons we ask for a deposit of 50 % of the costs.

Question 4: To reserve lessons

We are happy to reserve your lessons in advance. So you can be sure your children get a place in the group and you get your private teacher at the time you like best.

Question 5: Fully supervised lunch

We do not offer fully supervised lunch. We start and end our classes in the centre of Zauchensee, where you find lots of nice restaurants and huts.

Question 6: Time of lessons & classification of groups

All group lessons start on Sunday and end on Thursday with a race.
Lessons for beginners always start on Sunday, in some cases there is still a possibility to join on Monday.
Advanced children can join every day.
Generally our group lessons start on Sunday and end on Thursday (except at christmas and new year).
We also do lessons on the 1st of January.
All classes begin at the same time. In the morning lessons start at 10:00 and end at 12:30. After 1.5 hour lunch break, afternoon lessons start at 14:00 and end at 15:30.
As we like to spend as much time as possible skiing with you we ask to be on time please.
We classify the children by the amount of already passed ski lessons. If your child is not happy with the group it is in, it's no problem to change the group (in consultation of the instructor.

Question 7: Equipment

We do not rent equipment. But you find in close vicinity to us Intersport Schneider and Topsport Klieber. Children younger than 15 years have to wear a helmet. According to our motto "If you have brain, you protect it" we all wear helmets!

Question 8: Skipass

The skipass is not included in the ski-school ticket. Children younger than 6 years are free at all lifts, except at the button lift for beginners. For this small lift you get the ticket at the Ski-School office or at the main ticket desk. Older children need a liftpass for the entire skiing area. You get this ticket at the hotel or at the main ticket desk like yours.

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