Still have questions? We are happy to assist you:

Question 1: Languages
We Austrians too speak German. And in addition to standard German we also have teachers who are able to speak English, Danish, Dutch, French and Italian. Communication problems do not exist - and if so, they are balanced with a lot of Austrian charm and body language.

Question 2: Payment
Our office is located at 1,350 m above sea level. We accept cash as well as debit cards. If that does not work out, you will find several ATMs in Zauchensee in the nearest surrounding.
Question 3: Deposit
We are also struggling with cancellations. Therefore, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit when booking a private instructor.

Question 4: Advance reservations
We are very pleased about pre-reservations of the course offer. Only then can we guarantee you a place in the course or a private teacher. Therefore: just book the ski school when booking your hotel. Thus, there is no bad surprise at full classes on vacation.
Question 5: Lunch supervision
We start and finish all our course programs in the heart of Zauchensee. The central location offers a variety of cabins and restaurants. For organizational reasons, we therefore do not offer lunch supervision.
Question 6: Course times and grouping
Our courses start on Sunday and end on Thursday with our final race. Beginners are only allowed on Sundays, except on Monday. Advanced children can join the course daily, but in general our courses take place from Sunday to Thursday (except Christmas and New Year's Eve). Also on the 1st of January we are fit and the course is standard.
All course programs start and end at the same time. In the morning the course takes place from 10:00 to 12:30, after a lunch break of 1,5 hours it continues at 14:00 until 15:30. Because we want to spend as much time as possible together with our students on the ski slope, we ask you to appear on time.
Ancestors were yesterday. With us, the groups are divided in advance according to the number of already completed ski lessons. If a child in the intended group does not feel well, you can, after consultation with our ski instructors, also change within the various performance groups.
Question 7: Equipment
We do not lend equipment. In the immediate vicinity you will find the Intersport Schneider and TopSport Klieber. For the right choice of equipment you can rely on the expertise of the seller.
A helmet is mandatory for children under 15 years. And otherwise we follow the motto "who has brain protects it". So helmets are a must have for us!
Question 8: Ski pass
The ski pass is not included in the ski rate. All children require a ski pass, for children under 6 there is special mini-offer. It is best to get the children ski passes directly when you buy your ski passes, and you often receive them directly at the hotel.